For Many Decades, The Stone Cross Public House became a place of leisure and entertainment for the local residents of the Stone Cross area.

In 2013, The Stone Cross Hotel formed into what is now known as the Curry N Grill House and  through the modern transformation from a Public House into Family Friendly Restaurant and Bar, The Stone Cross still retained its heritage and character.

Bringing True Indian taste into the Stone Cross area through Their quality dishes and cuisine, the Curry N Grill has quickly become a household name for local residents to bring their friends and Family to dine and relax.

Every customer that walks through the doors of the Curry N Grill House are greeted with highly regarded hospitality and warm welcome, The friendly and professional courtesy provided by the staff mixed with a classic decor helps form a homely atmosphere for customers to unwind and enjoy their experience.  Fresh Ingredients are brought in daily to maximize flavour and quality with each dish.

The Chefs cater to each customer’s preferences and dietary requirements and add their signature twists to popular dishes to create an authentic Indian taste.

With their online integration of the establishment, the Curry N Grill House provides quality customer service on multiple social media platforms, this also allows the Curry N Grill to gain feedback from the general public which in turn helps the establishment to maintain and improve their quality of service throughout.

Many of the local residents regard the Curry N Grill House as their first choice when choosing restaurants to dine in.


Locally Sourced & Organic Food

We are constantly buying and helping local businesses and organic farmers,
with locally sourced produce.